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Veronica Wolfe
08/28/2011 06:52

Could we put up a section on "Meet the Staff?" With a photo for Barb, John, Ginny & whomever else comes on board. Photo & a little bio would be helpful.

Jennifer Hendrickson
08/29/2011 14:38

Will there be copiers and printers for parents to use at the new sight?

Kyrsi Connelly
08/30/2011 10:33

I just wanted to know if my child is enrolled in Aventa how many classes she can take? Do you know yet? I am hoping for 5/or all day not sure how its going to work.

09/01/2011 06:56

The course offerings look very exciting! Can't wait to see the schedule. Looks like we are going to have a hard time choosing.

Kristina Bolich
09/01/2011 08:44

Are we going to try and get pictures at the new program? Pauletto's does a great job, and they do several home school programs. Maybe our kids could get special ID cards for their new school also! My 4th grader is pushing for a gymnastics class also!

Kathleen Smith
09/03/2011 21:07

Just wanted to say thank you for working to include ballet in the course offerings! We really look forward to taking that course and the many other offerings that you have organized. Thanks for all of your hard work!

09/08/2011 08:24

I just want to say a BIG thank-you to Ginny Cronin. Things would not be going so smoothly with out you! Thanks for all you have done and are doing!!

09/08/2011 11:43

It looks like you have a wonderful ballet teacher hired. I was wondering is ballet going to be taught in the dance room? If so are there going to be ballet bars and mirrors? Also will she be teaching the studens on pointe?

For seniors I see there is no senior project class listed. Is this going to be offered this year?

09/08/2011 11:49

Thinking for class registration it is too bad it couldn't be online. What happens to families who cannot be there on the 14th? Also thinking this is going to be a rather lengthy process for families that have more that 1 child and if each one of their children wants 10 classes they are going to be standing in alot of lines.

05/31/2012 18:21

you may be accurate on those post

06/27/2013 08:10

Is this your Adam Cronin


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