Phone numbers for Sue, Ginny and Liz are on the contact page in BLUE...not on the staff page
Website: This is our only real and consistent form of communication with ALL families.  We encourage you to check the site every day.  We post news on the site "AS IT HAPPENS"!!  An "all call" requires several layers of permission and 48 hours of lead time.  Please stay tuned to the website.
 Krysi Connelly has created a Facebook page for the parents for even more communication!  Yeah!  Here is the address:

Encouragement coming from all the families has been wonderful! The first week went very smoothly, even though we had a little excitement. :-) Thank you for all your help and cooperation. You  make it a joy to run this program for all of us.
Senior Projects: Seniors will create their projects individually rather than in a class. 

Field trip survey:
the survey is fixed so that you can mark more than one answer per column.

Ballet:  The ballet instructor can teach on "pointe", but families who want that will have to contact her and find out from her how she plans to conduct her Homelink classes. 

 Thank you all for the encouraging comments!

How many classes? Students may take 10 classes, and they may also participate in field trips.

Online classes:
Students can sign up for online classes after they are registered and a SLP has been written and approved. 

Gymnastics: We have chosen to limit our  gymnastics offerings to floor routines  (tumbling) for the time being, because of the start-up costs of gymnastic equipment.  Our instructor has agreed to offer two classes, one for K-3 and 3-5  and one for 6-8 and 9-12

Pictures: East Valley School District already has a photographer in place to take school pictures for that is in the works!

Pictures and "Bios"
We will be putting up pictures and short biographies of the staff as soon as we have a chance to catch our breath(s)!  In the meantime, click on the names of Ginny and John on the "Contact Us" page to link to some information on each of them that is already available on the web.  More to follow!

Copy machine?
Yes, we will have access to a copy machine as soon as the new building is up and running. the request has already been made.  Great minds run in the same direction!


Kyrsi Connelly
09/01/2011 13:25

Hope that you have Gymnastics for the older was my kids favorite class!

Kyrsi Connelly
09/02/2011 18:54

LOVE LOVE LOVE the classes! We want to take them ALL :)

09/03/2011 09:37

Love the staff bios!

Kyrsi Connelly
09/03/2011 16:56

I couldn't help but notice that it says that registered families have received an email with more information. I didn't get mine yet. Just curious if you can resend mine.


Veronica Wolfe
09/11/2011 16:00

Wow! Everyone should go to the "Why Technology" button under Info & FAQ's and watch the first video on the top. Very interesting! Can we show this on opening day?

Veronica Wolfe
12/10/2011 07:32

I notice no one is using the showcase site. Maybe we could showcase some projects from classes to get the "pump primed." Jennifer's wood burning class is doing BEAUTIFUL projects & the Lego class must have projects that could be displayed too. Just a suggestion.


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