Let's Choose a New Name!

Many families have expressed an interest in providing this start-up program with a new name.  We will collect suggestions from the comments to this post, sift through them, and create a poll for families to have a voice in this decision.  Remember, the term "East Valley" must be included in the name that is finally chosen.  So speak up! Let's have a great name for our great new adventure!


Becky Hansen
08/25/2011 17:55

East Valley FLEX Program - for Family Learning EXperience Program. It also showcases the philosophy of being flexible to student/family needs....which sums up both the homeschool and East Valley's beliefs. And the high school kids might also think it's a hip/cool/tight/whatever the term is these days name. Where do you go to school? FLEX

Veronica Wolfe
08/25/2011 17:55

Bella Nova for beautiful brilliant star.

Ginny Cronin
08/25/2011 17:57

Innovation Partnership of East Valley

Veronica Wolfe
08/26/2011 07:39

A general input - not the name. I strongly lean towards classes on Thursday for K-6 if we have only one day. Tuesday is at the beginning of the week and we are just getting rolling with school and then it's interrupted with leaving the house. Thursday gives us three days of classes and then we would have a break from most work. Just my two cents.

kathy smith
08/29/2011 08:59

Michelle suggested East Valley Choices (EVC)

I like the simplicity and the freedom that it implies.

08/29/2011 13:35

North Star

08/29/2011 17:44

East Valley Choices was not on the survey list.

Thursday classes sound great.

Becky Hanson
08/29/2011 22:39

Dylan says we should name it The Cool School. lol

Michelle M.
08/30/2011 14:25

Hello everyone,

This is a suggestion only and I would like to hear some feedback. I feel like we are trying to choose a school name too quickly.
Many parents did not get to participate in the name survey.
Also, many of us did not feel that the name for our school was on the survey list. We feel that our school name is still waiting to be discovered.

We would like to have more time and possibly more parental suggestions before making a final decision.
A parental brainstorming session would be great and could easily be set up.
Those who could not attend could send in their favorite name.
Pick the top three names and then have another vote.

Thanks everyone and see you soon!

Veronica W
08/30/2011 16:27

The whole thing is happening fast, and unfortunately needs to in some ways. I know some have said we can rename it later but already we are needing to set up contracts, etc and it will difficult to change the name in the future. I talked with the symphony today, for example, and the first thing they asked after my name was the name of my school. I really don't feel strongly about the name - let's just pick one. There are so many other important details to me like schedule and building site. But I'm up for a group to meet - just not me :-)

Kyrsi Connelly
08/30/2011 17:05

I am great with whatever is chosen for a name. That being said I do like the idea of keeping it simple as well as a name that means what we are about rather than a fanciful name. Again I will be happy with any name so long as its not Home Link as I feel like every program needs its own name.

09/07/2011 13:24

I love the simplicity and meaning of East Valley FLEX(Family Learning Experience), but I would drop the word program. I love the name!

Michelle L.
09/17/2011 15:14

I cannot access the name survey to vote. My vote would be for EnVision that Shannon Law suggested. I like that it has the EV built in for East Valley. Shannon has volunteered to design a logo using this name, and East Valley.


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